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Zhongshan Haoshijiao Electro-optic Co., Ltd. is a fast-growing manufacturer and exporter of modern LED decorative and commercial lighting, offering high-quality products to customers worldwide. Despite being a relatively young factory established in 2010, the company has experienced rapid growth in the last decade due to excellent customer services, competitive prices, and superb quality products.

The company is located in the hub of the lighting manufacturing industry in Zhongshan city, Guangdong Province, China. The region is renowned for manufacturing high-quality lighting fixtures and components and has a reputation for technological advancements. Haoshijiao plays a significant role in the local community and businesses as it contributes towards economic growth and technological advancement for the community. Having started as a humble start-up with a small team, it now has a workforce of over 300 people, and exports its products to over 30 countries worldwide.

Haoshijiao products

Haoshijiao specializes in the design, production, and distribution of LED decorative and commercial lighting systems and fixtures. The company uses modern engineering processes and equipment to offer state-of-the-art light-emitting diode technology that produces energy-efficient, attractive, and long-lasting bulbs. Our team is dedicated to finding new ways to improve the quality and performance of our products continually. As such, we employ experienced engineers and designers who are well-versed in the art of lighting technology. Our products include various types of LED lamps, including ceiling lamps, table lamps, pendent lamps, wall lamps, and LED light strips, among others.

We also offer advanced components that come in different color temperatures, wattage capacity, and brightness levels. With the customer's demand for customized products increasing, Haoshijiao has developed a range of accessories to enable our clients to create their unique designs to meet their specific requirements. Our expert research and development team is always developing new products to keep pace with market needs and trends.

Quality Assurance

Haoshijiao's competitive edge lies in producing high-quality products; therefore, quality assurance is at the core of our brand. We use high-quality materials from reputable suppliers to ensuring the final product is of the highest standard. We also have a rigorous product testing policy in place to ensure all products meet globally accepted standards. Our rigorous quality control system includes production testing, product inspection, and final testing, which requires approval before shipping. We also have sophisticated testing tools and equipment that are used to confirm our products adhere to safety, performance, and environmental regulations. Ongoing training and development programs ensure our staff is equipped with the latest tools and techniques to achieve the highest possible standards in all aspects of production.

Customer Service

Haoshijiao understands that customer satisfaction influences business success; hence, we focus on providing excellent customer services. We employ experienced multilingual customer service staff, who can communicate with clients in different languages to ensure we offer tailored support to suit individual client needs. We can handle different aspects of customer service, such as pre-sales advice, sales support, after-sale services, and warranty support. The customer service department partners with the sales team to ensure that all clients’ inquiries are addressed promptly and satisfactorily.

Haoshijiao has a flexible delivery system that caters to the needs of clients worldwide. Our partnerships with different shipping service providers enable us to deliver products to various locations globally. We also provide installation support for our clients, mainly when dealing with high-end commercial clients that require a professional touch in completing their projects.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Haoshijiao believes in giving back to society and has actively participated in different social responsibility initiatives. The company focuses on promoting environmental protection and sustainable development projects. We endeavor to reduce our carbon footprint and contribute to maintaining ecological balance through our products. We always comply with environmental laws and regulations, and we strive to improve our environmental performance in our operations.

Haoshijiao also participates in social charity work, such as donating LED lighting products to vulnerable communities, supporting local orphanages, and organizing employee volunteerism to help offer ongoing social support to the local community.


Zhongshan Haoshijiao Electro-optic Co., Ltd. is a world-renowned manufacturer and exporter of modern LED decorative and commercial lighting products that have been in operation for more than a decade. Our company's competitive edge lies in providing high-quality products at competitive prices, excellent customer services, and consistency in meeting customer needs. We use modern engineering technology to produce energy-efficient, attractive, and long-lasting lighting products that come in different colors, wattage capacity, and brightness levels. The company prides itself on a robust and rigorous quality control system that ensures our products adhere to global standards, including performance, safety, and environmental regulations. We also believe in giving back to society and are committed to different social responsibility projects that promote sustainable development and environmental protection. As we continue to grow, we aim to maintain our reputation as a leader in the LED lighting industry.
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